2023 Design Ideas for New Home Construction

One of the best parts of new home construction is getting to add in all the buzzy trends you like! But some trends are flashes in the pan, while others are good, solid ideas to include in your new home.

Read on to learn about the 9 best trends in new construction homes! 

1. Pantries for Easier Entertaining

Pantries for easier entertaining

Homeowners were excited to get back into entertaining in 2022, and the trend is continuing into this year. The demand is high both for regular pantries and for butler’s pantries, which include a sink and even a dishwasher.

Pantries provide a convenient way to store groceries from a Costco run without overcrowding the kitchen. They can also serve as a great staging area for those who are into meal prepping.

Builders are responding by building pantries that integrate well with the kitchen and feel like part of the home. The color scheme from the kitchen, for instance, is often in the pantry as well.

2. Bold, Natural Colors as Accents

Bold, natural colors for accents

Consumers made a turn towards bold color, and they’re not going back. Verdant, plant-like greens, sky blues, and floral pastels are showing up in design details like accent walls, kitchen cabinets, and even on areas like window trim.

While many homeowners still enjoy neutrals being the predominant palette for their homes, designers have expanded the universe of color options. Over the past few years, the options for inside and outside the home have definitely gotten bigger and more colorful.

3. Wood Everywhere

Wood everywhere

The new focus on bringing natural in extends to building materials, too. Homeowners love the cozy feel and more limited carbon footprint of wood accents like garage doors, exterior trim, and interior ceiling beams.

With a large variety of wood colors and types, this trend is accessible to home buyers at every price point. And home builders are responding by including more wood in all their designs.

4. Modern Bungalow

Modern bungalow

Think of a modern bungalow as the smaller, sleeker city cousin of the modern farmhouse trend. These homes are typically single story, under 1500 sq ft, and located on smaller lots.

This trend is far from fussy, though. The interior of these modern bungalows is often an open plan with high ceilings and all modern conveniences. There’s everything a homeowner needs, with nothing extra.

As interest rates rise and the trends move away from rustic, we expect this trend to keep making a splash.

5. Small Spaces Get Their Due

Small spaces get their due

Bonus spaces, small closets, and unique alcoves are in these days. Homeowners have fallen in love with the idea of private corners.

So, the cupboard under the stairs becomes a small playroom for the kids. An alcove in the attic becomes a small painting studio. Even a corner with a window can become a private reading space.

Designers of new construction homes are embracing these nooks and crannies instead of trying to design them away. And realtors aren’t afraid to put them front and center.

6. Offices Are Non-Negotiable

Offices are non-negotiable

Though bosses may want to insist otherwise, work-from-home is here to stay. And even if they go into the office a couple times a week, homeowners still want a quiet and well-designed place to work at home.

These spaces generally feature one relatively blank, neutral-toned wall (hello, Zoom meetings!) as well as space for plenty of storage. And while some homeowners may want a large space great for multitasking, most people these days want a quiet, private space safe from other family members, like kids and pets.

Homebuilders are including more purpose-built home offices in their new construction homes. We expect this trend to continue.

7. Eco-Friendly Is For Everyone

Eco-Friendly is for everyone

Ecologically-conscious design used to be a niche concern, but those days are long in the past. Today’s homeowners are more likely to pay a little extra for more sustainable wood flooring or for an extra-low flush toilet. Of course, it helps that the eco-friendly choice often saves money, too!

The eco-friendly trend is visible everywhere in new home construction, from smart thermostats to EV chargers to solar panels. New home construction offers homeowners a great opportunity to pick which eco features best resonate with them.

Don’t forget about houseplants, too. Interior decorators are bringing nature in by making plants the focal point of a room. And builders are thinking about window placement with an eye to growing things indoors.

8. Light Is Everywhere

Light is everywhere

Whether it’s because homeowners like their space to be as bright as possible or simply because they want to look good on video chat, today’s new construction homes have an abundance of light sources.

During the daytime, window walls, skylights, and other windows bring the outdoor light inside. During the evening, integrated lighting systems can be adjusted to any preference through voice command or a smartphone. 

This is a trend that has some serious staying power, especially as smart home technology decreases in price and windows become better at offering insulation.

9. Nature Comes Inside

Nature comes inside

If there’s one trend that sums up many of the others on the list, it’s this one! Homeowners want to bring the relaxing power of nature indoors.

But, homeowners aren’t looking for anything too rustic. Today’s new construction homes offer plenty of natural light, pops of bright color, and space for plants. The goal is a space that doesn’t scream “nature,” but sings it.

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